Selfcare Sunday

Blaine babysat me today while Chris was on Athens business!

I’ve my consultant visit tomorrow. I have so many new side effects from the new medicine but also from the length of time I’ve been the other medication that is now tapering off. One is a constant pain in my jaw – common after 6 months on prednisolone. It went slightly worst over the last week or two and I decided to head to the dentist this weekend. In case I’m blaming the meds and actually, I’ve cracked a filling or something.

I was devastated that my regular dentist has literally left the country (he didn’t even say goodbye – sob!). I was so lucky with the lady I was able to book in with instead and it was completely fine – nothing untoward. However, while she had me there I got a filling which was okay (I’m a nervous patient) but I was in a lot of pain afterward just because my jaw is swollen and sensitive anyway.

It turns out the magic is switching from a hot to cold compress – that’s to Tara for that late night life-saving tip. Just another weekend where I literally was unable to do anything. Very annoying but sure I’d plenty puppy hugs.