2016 Resolutions

My buzz word is “Create” – I want to be in charge of my life and have the power to create experiences and opportunities for myself rather than going with the flow. 

I’ve struggled the past few years to know what it was I really wanted and I’ve depended on other people to help me make my decisions.


My main goal is to “Celebrate” because the more we celebrate the everyday the happier we are. I want to make birthdays, anniversaries and occasions really special and create some new traditions.

 The goal for my Family is really simple – to make time for new adventures – memories to cherish.I’ve a few events already planned such as going to see Janet Jackson with my sister and a weekend break with my mom. 

Sharing a glass of Champagne with Dad

My health is far from simple so this year I’ll like to focus on boosting my immune system. And this year I HAVE to get the flu jab.


At home the goal has to be sharing the housework and cooking more with my husband. My husband Chris is great and takes on the full responsibility of the housework but as his business has gotten busier he has less time so I need to step up this year.


For work my aim is get in early and leave on time. I’m hoping that I can achieve more in a quiet office and then reach a better work life balance by leaving on time.  

My money goal is to continue to save. The last few years I’ve paid off my debt. Last year I really surprised myself with my ability to save and pay for my wedding. More importantly I was faced with having to move from the house we’d rented for seven years as well two extended periods of sickness that incurred costly consultant fees that without my wedding fund to dip into I would of been in serious trouble. I’m now a big believer in having an emergency fund.


Calling? Chris recently threw the gauntlet down for me to get a rejection letter from a publisher. So I guess challenge accepted. 

A habit to make for me is definitely drinking water. I also want to try having warm lemon water in the morning.


A skill to master is gonna be playing the ukulele – I’ve planned a 10 AM Saturday lesson with my creative partner in crime Rebecca. Mainly it’s just an excuse to see Rebecca on a more regular basis whilst justifying our ownership of a ukulele.  

A habit to break has to be limiting my drinking of Coke to special occasions. 


As for books to read I’m going to take the Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge to get reading outside my comfort zone. I’m such a creature of habit.


Our honeymoon is a brilliant opportunity to discover somewhere new but with so many options it’s hard to decide!   

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