2018 Resolutions

One Big Goal

I want to focus on and plan for the future over the next year. I never plan more than a year in advance so it’s time I look more long term. I’ve been very lucky that focusing on what been directly in front of me has worked out for me so far in life but you never know what’s around the corner so by the end of 2018, I want a 5-year plan up and running.

It had to narrow my focus to one word it’d be “future!”.


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Habits to Make & Break

I say it every year but swap fizzy drinks for lemon water.

Something to Learn or Study.

I want to learn to use the camera my husband bought me a year or two ago. It gets brought out on special occasions but I only use the auto setting. So I want to learn to not only shoot proper photos but also edit them!


I’m actually going to reuse my previous resolution because it for me really worked and that is to make time for new adventures and create memories to cherish.


My health is really such a minefield. There is so much to do and so much I know I probably can’t do or need to wait and see for now. So my simple goal is to go back to basics – diet, sleep, stress, and fitness. I’ve never mastered any of those things and its “do or die” time.  Actually, it was “do or die” time three months ago when I was first told I had a chronic illness and I feel like I’ve not started the race yet.


Bring your best to work is a phrase that really stuck with me throughout last year. I’ve definitely sidelined other aspects of my life the last few years as I’ve facing increasing health problems so I have energy and focus on my job first because, well, it pays my bills and it has always been my first priority. However, perhaps that’s not been strategically sound. I need to be at my best to bring my best to work. Sometimes you need to move backward on the chess board to win the game.


I want to try the envelope budget system. I think it will help me be more disciplined about money and budgeting more tangible to me. I’ve done a bit of research on budgeting ratios to see what areas we are under or over spending so it’ll be interesting to see if we can keep within those standard norms.


This year I want to become passionate about organization in my personal life. I want my schedule to run smooth and my diary and checklist to be in constant use.


I am going to set one DIY project each month (aka payday) for us to complete so we can aim to get 10 tasks completed before Christmas next year. Some will be big full room projects like revamping our bedroom and some will be much smaller like making our garden more bee-friendly.


New Years Eve Traditions

I love our New Year’s Eve Traditions. Chris & I never like to go out – it’s just too busy and messy – as well as the fact that the constant fireworks really upset our pets. So every New Year’s I ensure the house is clean, we order a Indian Takeaway, open a bottle of bubbly and watch “When Harry Met Sally” followed by Jules Holland Hootenanny.


2015 Review

 10 Highlights

  1. Saying “I do” & becoming Mrs.Ledwidge.
  2. My amazing Hen Party.
  3. Turning 30!
  4. Being Bridesmaid for my sister Evelyn .
  5. Being Bridesmaid for my BFF Rachel.
  6. 3solutions big win at the Media Awards
  7. Seeing Idena Menzel live.
  8. The birth of the wonderful Matilda.
  9. First attempt at Cosplay
  10. Meeting Chewbacca

10 Disappointments

  1. Only conpleting half of last years New Years Resolutions.
  2. And only half of our Wedding Bucketlist.
  3. Falling ill last summer.
  4. Mis-planning of annual leave.
  5. Shock house move.
  6. Not blogging at all.
  7. Having to step back from a toxic friendship.
  8. Death of my beloved pet.
  9. Not winning Best Sponsorship at the Media Awards.
  10. Not taking enough pics myself at our Wedding.

3 Game Changers

  1. First Product Placement deal.
  2. The realisation that I’m too old for drama.
  3. Time spent in Limerick

3 Things You’ve Focused On

  1. Getting Married
  2. Being Bridemaids
  3. TV3

3 Things You Forgot

  1. To purchase Kate Spade Sunnies
  2. The Harry Potter labels for our Wedding Sweet Table.
  3. To bring Blane to the Dog Park for Sunday Dog Dates



Exciting times ahead! Focus on my husband, family/friends and be passionate about my work and 2016 will be as amazing as 2015.